Magic Minit Car Wash

Business Information
570 Enfield Street
Enfield, CT 06082
United States

Voice: (860) 741-3707
About Magic Minit Car Wash

Magic Minit Car Wash provides a variety of car wash services such as touchless, gentle touch car wash options. We also provide professional detail services as well.

With 5 convenient locations throughout Enfield, CT and 3 locations open 24 hours a day, it's always a good time to wash your car.

Basic Business Services
Wash Type(s): Full Tunnel, In-Bay Automatic, Self Service, Touchless, Gentle-Touch
Detail Services: Yes
Oil And Lube Services: No
Vacuums: Yes
Vending: Yes
Waiting Room: No
Cards Accepted: Master Card, Visa
Pre-Paid Options: Wash Cards
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