Fox Wash Systems, Inc.

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114 Main St.
Unionville, OH 43077
United States

Voice: 866-369-9274
Fax: 614-873-8940
Fox Wash Systems, Inc.
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About Fox Wash Systems, Inc.
Fox Wash Systems, Inc. is a complete carwash supplier, offering in-bay automatic’s, self-serve equipment and carwash support equipment, as well as a complete line of chemicals.

We also offer site evaluation, installation, and carwash equipment maintenance programs to meet your needs. Please contact us today to set up a no obligation consultation.
Basic Business Services
Online Purchasing: Yes
Major Brands: Unitec
Delivery Services: Yes
Camera & Security: No
Car Wash Installation: Yes
Turn-Key Car Washes: Yes
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Wash Change Dual

Wash Change Dual

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WashChange Dual Changer w/ Coinco..Includes (2) 1,000 Capacity Mars Bill Acceptor, 8,000+ Quarter-size Coin Hopper Capacity.  Each Side can be...
Wash Change Single

Wash Change Single

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WashChange..Single Changer w/ Coinco..1,000 Capacity Coinco Bill Acceptor, 4,000+ Quarter-size Coin Hopper Capacity.
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