Classy III, Inc.

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98 South Warrent Street
Orwigsburg, PA 17961
United States

Voice: 888-339-6818
Fax: 570-366-7341
Classy III, Inc.
Company Representatives
Ed Mady
Phone: (888)339-6818
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About Classy III, Inc.

Whether you are looking for a turn-key site or a just to upgrade a few components at your existing location, we are the distributor you have been looking for.

We offer complete packages to get your Car Wash making money. From permitting to completion of construction, the professional staff at Classy III can custom tailor packages to meet your needs.

Basic Business Services
Online Purchasing: Yes
Major Brands: American Changer, Carolina Pride, Cat Pumps, Econocraft, Hamilton Inc., Oasis
Delivery Services: Yes
Camera & Security: No
Car Wash Installation: Yes
Turn-Key Car Washes: Yes
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Carolina Pride Peforma Self Service

Carolina Pride Peforma Self Service

Price: N/A
The PERFORMA CARWASH SERIES covers the full range of self-service car washing. With a modular design, they offer standard systems for one to eight...
Compact 1000

Compact 1000

Price: N/A
Compact 1000 Available as One or Two Bay System SYSTEM INCLUDES: Foaming Tire Cleaner Foaming Pre Soak High Pressure Soap Foaming Brush High...
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