Auto Shine Car Wash Systems, Inc.

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8 Lincoln St.
E. Hartford, CT 06108
United States

Voice: 860-528-3519
Fax: 860-289-4904
Company Representatives
Frank Carpino - Regional Manager
Phone: 860-528-3519
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Mark DiTommaso - Owner
Phone: 860-528-3519
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About Auto Shine Car Wash Systems, Inc.

AutoShine is the Northeast's premier Simoniz distributor. With a network of chemical representatives we can offer you the most cost affective and marketing program available for your car wash.

Our service and technical phone support has always been incredible. Now our on-line support will take operators to the next level of support. Free Resources for our customers 24/7

Complete Car Wash Systems that offer a broad line of optional equipment. Belanger systems custom designed for exterior, flex, and full service operators.

24/7 access to our full parts inventory including PDF product manuals, Belanger Illustrated Parts Breakdowns, new products, specials and more.

Basic Business Services
Online Purchasing: Yes
Equipment Types: Full Tunnel, No-Touch In-Bay, Roll Over In-Bay, Self Service
Major Brands: American Changer, Belanger, Carolina Pride, Cat Pumps Inc., Compuwash, Dilling Harris, DRB, Fragramatics, General Pumps, GinSan, Hamilton Inc., ICS, ISI, J.E. Adams, Jim Coleman, MacNeil, Micrologic, Simoniz USA, Specialty Equip., Unitec Inc., Washworld Inc.
Delivery Services: Yes
Camera & Security: Yes
Car Wash Installation: Yes
Financing Solutions: Yes
Modular Building Options: Yes
Site Evaluation Services: Yes
Turn-Key Car Washes: Yes
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Unitec Electronics Wash Select Ii

Unitec Electronics Wash Select Ii

Price: $6,990.00
     Wash Select IITM is a premium entrance system for the self-serve automatic carwash market. Its patented,...
Drb Systems Site Watch

Drb Systems Site Watch

Price: $11,990.00
     Power and flexibility in a Windows XP based POS Management system -- that's SiteWatch. We've designed our newest product...
Carolina Pride Express Wash System

Carolina Pride Express Wash System

Price: N/A
Express Series Carwash System      The EXPRESS 6000 Six Bay Carwash System is a complete, compact designed system that saves...
Pur-Water Basic Reclaim System

Pur-Water Basic Reclaim System

Price: N/A
       The PurWater system is a perfect combination of function and form, incorporating the versatility of a Basic...
Carolina Pride Performa Wash System

Carolina Pride Performa Wash System

Price: N/A
     The PERFORMA CARWASH SERIES covers the full range of self-service car washing. Our customized industrial grade carwash...
Cplng Lvjoy M24 Dia Bore

Cplng Lvjoy M24 Dia Bore

Price: $43.27
Steel Lovejoy coupling half with 24 millimeter bore for CAT style pump. Requires rubber spider part #1CPLNG197 and additional coupling half part...
Nut Nylock Zinc 3/8-16

Nut Nylock Zinc 3/8-16

Price: N/A
3/8-16 Zinc Nylon Lock Nut. Used on: Vct Carriage Roller Asy, Vct Carriage, Treadle, Pump Station, Boom Asy, and Foam Pod.
Cplng 20hp Hyd Lovjoy Mtr

Cplng 20hp Hyd Lovjoy Mtr

Price: $60.79
Motor side coupling for the 20 HP 1.625" Hyd motor on a power pack. Used in conjunction with 1CPLNG212 Pump side coupler and a 1CPLNG214 Spider.
Adapter Female F/ Tank 1/

Adapter Female F/ Tank 1/

Price: $21.12
1/4" FNPT PVC bulkhead fitting used for draining the plastic water storage tanks. Used on: Jet Pump Station Chemical Tire Applicator Wheel Brite...
Condensing Water Heaters and Hydronic Boilers

Condensing Water Heaters and Hydronic Boilers

Price: N/A
Vertical Condensing Water Heaters and Hydronic Boilers Up to 99.8% Efficiency Microprocessor controlled, modulating air and gas feed means peak...
Bshng 1-1/8 F/1pully832/7

Bshng 1-1/8 F/1pully832/7

Price: $60.08
1-1/8" Taper Lock Bushing with Female key way slot. Used on: 15HP Jet Pumping Station, Pump Pulley.
Seal Kit F/1pump120 (pjs)

Seal Kit F/1pump120 (pjs)

Price: $254.16
Complete seal kit with instructions for replacing seals on CAT pump. Used on:Prep Jet System used after April 1, 1994.
Fitting Bh 3/4h X1/2mnpt

Fitting Bh 3/4h X1/2mnpt

Price: $3.50
3/4" Hose x 1/2" MNPT barbed hose fitting. Used on: Vector SDM Chemical Manifold Rev 1, 2. SDM Valve assemblies, Pump Station Main Mainifold Asy,...
Pulley, 4.7 Pitch

Pulley, 4.7 Pitch

Price: $134.45
4.7 pitch, Browning Pulley used on the Vector Pumping Station Assembly. Top set of pulleys attached to the motor output drive shaft. Used on:...
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